A ‘pen’ with my logo on it?

A ‘pen’ with my logo on it?

You want me to write with a ‘pen’ with a logo on it? Well, for each marketing dollar spent on a ‘BRANDed pen’ you can receive 500 BRAND impressions…how far does your marketing dollar for TV, magazine, newspaper, radio, and more compare to that one marketing dollar?

Look around, do you see any ‘BRANDed pens’ in your purse, at your desk, at the office, in your automobile, at your house, and more places? Who would not want to have a ‘logo’ on a ‘pen’?

Okay, so you are not convinced about BRANDing ‘pens’…how about how many impressions daily does a ‘pen’ gather…YEP…at least 15 impressions daily!

So for every marketing dollar spent on a ‘pen’ with your own BRAND on it…you can receive 500 impressions! There is GOLD in that pen…lasting impressions!

Thus, thank you for visiting www.TheBrandingNugget.com!

Cheers, The Marketeer Group

“We MOVE MOUNTAINS so Your NAME comes up when you are not there!”


My PURPOSE for my Event/Project/Program (EPP)?

My PURPOSE for my Event/Project/Program?

The first step in creating a Blueprint for your BRANDing of an Event/Project/Program (EPP) is to:

  • Decide what ‘end results’ you want to see happen for your Event/Project/Program (EPP) as this will help you figure out the ‘PURPOSE’.
  •  Keep it simple and with as many details as possible.
  • The better direction you will have as to how you want to market and BRAND your EPP.
  • Make sure and look at any other EPPs you do throughout the year.
  • Look at what you want your BRANDing for this EPP to do:
    • Show Gratitude/Thank you?
    • Be a Reward/Incentive?
    • What will it Market/BRAND?
    • Is it to raise Money/Fundraise?

Your PURPOSE will guide everyone involved as to the amount of energy placed on the EPP. The leaders of the EPP will either energize or drain those involved. Place high importance on BRANDing as it includes all ‘words and actions’ done by all involved from the beginning to end.

Cheers, The Marketeers